The Untamed Dead of today is a loose-net confederation of motorcycle enthusiasts, of all types of bikes and brands. We love motorcycles and the biker lifestyle. We are not a biker club in the truest sense of the word as we have no hierarchy or major organizational structure. We are just men, 18 years and older, who love the community and Brotherhood of like minded men. We are motorcycle lovers in the truest sense of the word. We exercise no control over our Brothers expect for respect for the club and Brothers; as well as we have respect for all Brothers in the Worldwide Motorcycle Community. We have no dues club rules and regulations like other motorcycle clubs. We are just a group of men from all over the world of different cultures and backgrounds, who enjoy bikes and riding in total freedom from anyone, or club. We enjoy the Brotherhood that we stand for and nothing more. If you join us do not expect a club of rules and regulations to control your life as we are not that type of club. We get along with all Bikers and Clubs. We have no hierarchy. We are free to ride the open road as bike riders were meant to be. We truly are The Untamed Dead!

    A short poem was written by one of our members, The General, as follows.


    I ride my bike into the thick night air.

    I ride my bike the wind flowing thru my hear.

    I ride from land-to-land with my colors sewn on my back showing where I stand.

    I am not accepted by many along the way accept by my Brothers who welcome me as I do they.

    I ride my bike night and day, free to ride as I may.

    I ride my bike The Untamed Way on my long journey to Nowhere!

    The Untamed Dead

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