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    The Untamed Dead was started by a young motorcycle enthusiast and a group of friends. They brought together those that share the love of motorcycles. It’s a Lifestyle and a Brotherhood. Our founder then went and joined the military during the Vietnam War.

    Over the years, the club has grown to a worldwide movement. Now through Dead Designs, we have made a patch to honor all those who have served in their countries armed forces.


    We intend to award this patch to all who apply with verification of their service.

    This patch is designed by Dead Designs who is operated by our Vice-President and Webmaster. With the goal of furthering the motorcycle style in all mediums.

    The patch is in a sissy bar shape with the country flag of service. On the patch is the statement, “Vet’s Never Die.” All in Untamed Dead purple and gold.

    We ask for your support for this worthy cause to provide a free patch to all veterans who apply.

    Apply for Patch

    No money is being kept! Any profit will be used to help any ill veterans we can.

    Thank you for your support with your donation.

    P.S. Р Sharing this campaign on social media and with veterans contributes to the cause.

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